Paint Brush Plastic Wedges

Spival S.p.A has been a trusted supplier for over 60 years of raw materials for paint brush manufacturers and now produces high quality wedges for paint and wall brushes. Plastic wedges are manufactured in a special PE HD material that resists to the attack of solvents and acids moreover it doesn’t absorb liquids or suffer degradation for all paint brushes life. During the production process the material is foamed to get porous finish on the surface that guarantees the perfect glue setting, besides to reduce its weight. Now new fluted wedges are available from size 29 mm conceived for synthetic bristles paint brushes.

On request custom sizes can be produced with a minimum quantity of 200 Kg.
Plastic wedges are packed in rolls with external diameter of 600 mm. Round wedges are also available, in 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 mm. diameter and they are packed in rolls of 500 mm. external diameter.

strips for wall brushes