Vacuum Cleaner

Spival S.p.A. has been producing nozzles and accessories for dry and wet & dry vacuum cleaners for over 50 years. Offers a wide range of necks to adapt to every kind of used tube and the possibility to have coloured products by request.


The range of accessories for the Household Vacuum Cleaner is composed by many items, by the new Combi Nozzle with Wheels, without Wheels, and the Modular Nozzles with their own accessories for wet surfaces, for carpets and wood floors, Tubes and Handles, Round Brushes, Rectangular Nozzles, Crevice Nozzles and Small Accessories for special uses.

Wet & Dry

The range of accessories for wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner is wide; includes the Vacuum Socket, the Handle, the rigid Tubes with Ø45 and Ø58, the nozzles L.300 and L.400 with Ø32 – 35 – 37 – 38 – 45, both with their own accessories for liquids, carpets and floors, besides to the Special Accessories, as Flat Nozzles, Rectangular Nozzles and Round Brushes, with Ø45 and Ø58.